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It's Thursday! Have some gifs

Ernie jumping through the woods


It's a fine evening for some murder.


8-Bit Beer Club: Maple Bock

If you told me when I was 10 years old that 15 years later I’d be pairing beers with the newest games of the time, I would have told you “Beer is gross!”. Now that my palate and self have aged to appreciate a good brew I feel ready to introduce a new feature here at Drunk Devs called….


Every Tuesday, one of us here at Drunk Devs will introduce a brew that we like and pair it with a game, much like you would see a beer or wine paired with a fancy fish or meat. Our plan is to cover all generations but with more of a focus on older titles, because those of us who can drink legally grew up playing those titles. Some examples of categories we may use are similar characteristics (e.g., a dark beer and a dark story), a certain feeling we think the brew and game share (easy to drink and casual games), or  if the beer has a certain marketability that is akin to what a developer was aiming for, (see 21st amendment brew and any jet set radio title), etc.

The week’s beer, and first in the feature, is Hinterland’s seasonal brew Maple Bock. I wanted to choose something that was completely new to me so I could pair it with a fresh mind. As every seasoned beer enthusiast knows, or something I just totally made up, is that the first time you taste a new beer the memory is burned into your mind like a wildfire of deliciousness. 

There were a few factors that led to me picking Maple Bock. It has a simple design, something I like because Hinterland is letting the beer do all the talking and not relying on some flashy packaging. The second thing is that I am a sucker for anything flavored Maple. That’s the real reason but I have to sound professional, right? When I got home and had my first sip I was not disappointed with my choice. It was as if someone had taken those delicious maple candies that are out around the holidays and melted them down into something that will get you drunk.

I should preface this next part by saying I do enjoy dark, heavy beer. I know it’s not for everyone, in fact I probably know more haters than enthusiasts. Maple Bock has a good balance of being dark and rich enough to satisfy the snobbiest of snobs but also being delicious and light enough to welcome an amateur into the world of craft brew.

So what game goes with beer like this? Maple Bock can be briefly described as being smooth, flavorful, and well-balanced, plus with a flavor as time tested as maple it will have to be classic. So a game would have to hit those marks, or be damn near close…..

To me, that game, and the first to be paired, is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Not only is this game timeless, but it has a certain fluidity and balance that pairs well with the Maple Bock. The controls are spot-on for it’s generation, young and old me still feel like I am the Hero of Time cutting through jerk-guards that try to jack my swag. The story has both a light and dark side, in a metaphorical and literal sense, that matches up with the dark rich flavor with the lighter notes of maple and chocolate. See what I did there? I went super snob to say a beer matches up with a video game story line. Expect a whole lot of that in the upcoming weeks.

Also, drinking some Maple Bock while traversing the lost woods makes one think you can almost taste the trees. I mean really taste them. Get all up in there for that sweet, sweet maple and get tree drunk.                 

I feel that we have a good starting off point for the 8-Bit Beer Club. Maple Bock taps into your flavor history even if you’ve never had a beer, because if you haven’t had  maple syrup yet what the hell are you doing with yourself? To that same degree if you haven’t played a Zelda game you now have two strikes against you in life. You should finish reading this feature and take a good long look in the mirror. You’re welcome for this feature making your life better.

Leave your thanks and praise in the comments below and don’t forget to check back daily for new content on our latest projects and every Tuesday for the next installment of 8-Bit Beer Club!

Take care and drink responsibly!  


My new favorite enemy is this guy

I don't have a name for him yet, but I love him. He coughs up beer cans/bottles all day. What an odd diet.


Progress getting made.

While we are all hard at work on the project, I thought I would drop a few screen shots to show what we are up to.


Temporary title screen. You load or start your adventure from. (note: the last button should say quit)

Water has been added to fill the pits.


Showing what it looks like when you take one too many hits.


This is just a quick glimpse, and hopefully we have more for you today.


GIF and go

Hey all. I only have a little time before I have to leave for work, but I thought I would make a quick give of some gameplay.