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My End of Day One

Clocking out time is upon us....well, me. The majority of my day has been building levels and frankly, I am glad to give my mind a break from it! Gavin and Josh are still working hard on perfecting the art and code for our little game but my night has to come to an end.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow, but I feel great that this will be done by the end of the month!

Check back tomorrow for more updates or just subscribe to the feed!



Near and Dear

The goal was always simple, maybe it was us that complicated it. We would settle on a theme, have fun doing it, and try to make something we are proud of.

Round One (back in December) was a learning experience, and from that we have a very large project, not something that was expected to come out of it, but something we have been working very hard on. We saw the flaws and gaps in our process, mainly because we are still learning each other, but we knew we had to do something to move forth into the great unknown with the trust and understanding of a veteran team. So we went back to where it all started.

Round two, done on this past Saturday, took us back to the pure form of what this experience was always meant to be; a fun, quick game that will make us better, not only at our own craft, but better at communicating as a team. We wanted to keep it short and sweet, more akin to "Destroy the Porn" than our result from Round One. We had a blast on Saturday, and I think the finished product will be a reflection of that.

With that, this next project is something that has already brought us closer as a team , and it's only Day Two of development. When we settled on a theme (probably the best one ever) Josh threw down the gauntlet of having us complete the game before the month is over. So that gives us 5 days. At this moment, it has a very realistic shot of making that goal. But time will tell. And bugs will tell. And real jobs getting in the way will tell.

More posts will be happening this week than ever before, we are anxious to share our game with everyone. As always, leave any questions or comments down below, or take a visit to our forums!




Mockups For the Next Project


After a rather inspiring evening of brainstorming, I sat down and cranked out a few mockups to hopefully establish the feel of the game. Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Let us know!


Theme for our next game


We will begin the design process for our next game very soon. Does anyone have a funny idea's for themes? Leave a comment below, and if there is something awesome we will use it. (3 words or less please)


Also if you haven't tried the beer in the photo, you should do so this instant. It's amazing.


RSS feeds now available

As the title suggest, RSS feeds for the site are now available. The fact that these were not up before can be attributed to me still being new at this whole blog thing. We have lots of content coming down the pipe, so be sure to subscribe. Thanks